Pisco and Huaytara

View on the way to the mirador in Huaytara.


The view from my hotel window. Well worth the $8!


The hotel pet. My first encounter with a llama in Peru.


“Let’s go on a 5 day solo motorcycle trip through the Peruvian mountains during the rainy season!” she said. “It’ll be fun!” she said.
5 days ago, I left the northern beach town of Tortugas where I spent the past 4 months and headed toward the city of Ayacucho, which is in the mountainous area of southern Peru. As hard as it was leaving my friends and host family in Tortugas, I was determined to fulfill my dream of living in the mountains of Peru. The timing of my trip was not ideal considering it’s the rainy season here, but since I am on a tight schedule to get to Cusco and eventually to Brazil, I figured I might as well try and see how far I get. Worse comes to worst, I might have to turn back or stay in a town along the way until the rain calms down. The first night I stayed in the coastal city of Pisco and from there I headed inland to small town of Huaytara.

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