Uruguay was by far the windiest country I have been to. Literally, every time I got on the road, it was like driving through a hurricane.  However, Uruguay is also the only other country outside of the U.S. where I have seen giant wind mills in the fields along the side of the roads. So all I have to say about that is, good job Uruguay for putting two and two together to turn that hurricane-like weather into free, environmentally friendly energy!





Fall in Uruguay


Shirley enjoying the view after her boat ride across the Rio de La Plata.


Buenos Aires

For the past month or so since I have been on the road, I have found that the little free time that I have I just want to spend doing normal human things. When I arrive to big tourist destinations, I mostly just feel like sleeping in, washing my clothes, watching a movie, getting my hair cut, sitting in the park, stocking up on toiletries, etc. Typical tourist attractions don’t generally appeal to me anymore. I guess that when I am on the road, everyday is an adventure and I see so much that when I finally get the chance to stay in one place and complete some everyday tasks, I jump at the opportunity.
With that being said, I did manage to visit a few tourist sights while I was in Buenos Aires. I walked to the Recoleta Cemetery with Jennine on my first day there. The sun was shining and I managed to snap some good pictures along the way. The next time I went out was on a cold and rainy day, but I managed to make it to the Casa Rosada and Puerto Madero. At the end of the day I was so happy and grateful to arrive back at the Zeballo’s house where I was treated like family, could take a hot shower and was served some hot tea. I left feeling well rested for my next leg of the the trip!

A Bittersweet Goodbye

The last time I passed through this area was about 8 years ago, so to be back, this time on a motorcycle coming from Peru, was very exciting and emotional for me. Lots has changed over the years, but one thing that remains is the warmth of the people here. From the first day we got here, Galim and I were definitely feeling the love. Literally, it seemed like everyone we came in contact with, from bike mechanics to hostel receptionists to parking attendants wanted to give us hugs and kisses. Not to mention the 5 days of love and generous hospitality we got at the Petraglia house! It was hard when the time came to leave Tucumán because it meant saying goodbye to my wonderful Argentine host family and also to my loyal riding buddy, Galim. For the rest of my trip I will most likely be traveling alone, but I am hoping to visit some old friends and to make some new ones along the way!





5 Month in South America

Yesterday marked my 5 month anniversary in South America! Another cool accomplishment is that I was managed to ride my motorcycle through 3 countries in 2 days(a true test of my math/money converting skills)!