My name is Helen Tornquist and I am a midwestern introvert with a yearning for adventure. In 2016 I learned to ride a motorcycle and a couple months later, I decided to go on a little motorcycle trip in South America. 10 months, 7 countries, and 30,000 miles later, I realized that I could no longer describe my trip as “little”. Since returning to the U.S., I have been sharing about my experiences at motorcycle rallies and clubs around the country in hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams. When I’m not riding, selling motorcycles at my local Honda dealership, or attending motorcycle-related events, you can find me working an unconventional teaching job at Tallgrass Sudbury School, planning my next motorcycle adventure/escape to northern Minnesota, or simply recharging my battery at home with tacos and a good movie. Follow along to see where my motorcycle will take me next!